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JASON X (2001)

Jason in Space! They could have used that obvious title but instead opted for the more simple moniker of JASON X. The government has successfully captured Jason and keeping him for research purposes. Of course all doesn’t go as planned and shit happens, people get frozen, and in the future frozen Jason is found by a futuristic team of explorers where even more shit happens once Jason comes back to life. While the premise is ridiculous, we get an entertaining flick that is a nice change from the slower-paced camping outings we’re used to. This one is modernized for the times and features a slick cast, menacing Jason, and comical but still violent scenes that balances horror and comedy very well without overdoing it in the comedy section. The hologram recreation at the original Camp Crystal Lake epitomizes this and is pure genius. Not to mention Uber Jason should have had his own movie by now. If you’re a fan of slasher horror, utilize Jason X for a fun evening. Easy to space out for the duration.



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