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If a movie is a 'fan-made' film or 'fan-film', some give it the automatic connotation of not being worth someone's time. This is unfair as even many so-called 'mainstream' flicks can be worthless and then some. JASON RISING aims to smash that stereotype as if one didn't know any better, this could fit right in with any of the canon sequels as an official entry. We start off with some police digging up Jason's grave and of course, Jason coming back to life. We then have escaped fugitives running from police later on (unrelated incident) and deciding to hole up in Camp Crystal Lake. When Jason comes out to play, you can guess what happens next as both good/bad guys get slaughtered. One wonders why this plot isn't used more often in horror; why not have fugitives and 'good guys' chasing each other only to run into an iconic figure? This is refreshing and even includes some scenes/homages to earlier entries if you look out out for them. A short-but-sweet film, great special effects, gore, music, and acting elevates this fan-film to what should just be a 'film'. Check it out.

SLASH SCENE: Final Monster


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