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Jake Munro - Forsaken

YouTuber Jake Munro released a cover today of the hit track "Forsaken" that's originally off of the "Queen Of The Damned" movie soundtrack. That is one of those soundtracks that I just love and have listened to for hours on loop. So when I found out that Jake Munro did a cover of one of the tracks, I definitely had to check it out. I really like it! It's really dark and I love the stringed instruments sounds, but the thing that really shines is Munro's voice. It's like his voice was made for this song. He absolutely nails it! I really like how he took some elements from both the more well known David Draiman and the lesser known Jonathan Davis versions. I kind of wish Munro had gone a bit heavier with this, but it's still really well done and I enjoyed it a lot. ~Gangis

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