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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If we have seasonal horror traditions, such as holiday and summer favorites, where are our winter ones? If there should be any staple for a winter favorite, we nominate JACK FROST to be up there with required viewing when it’s 20 degrees outside and at the end of a snowstorm! Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton family version, this one has a psycho killer on way to an execution in the back of a prison bus and …this plan gets frozen once his truck collides with another truck carrying chemicals. One could say this was a…cold end to his mayhem (insert Dr. Evil pinky). But nonetheless, instead of being down for good, his spirit or soul or whatnot is transformed into the snow and we now have a walking, ‘alive’ murderous snowman. As ridiculous as the premise sounds, the tone on this one makes it work. We do get some crazy puns and a cheesy personality from Frosty, but that was prob the best way to go about it. The movie knows this is absurd, but the rest of the cast plays it straight with only Mr. Ice Balls seemingly having fun. We should actually have more movies with killer snowmen running around and hopefully one of these times someone will take note of this idea for modern times. Great cult classic and now we know what Shannon Elizabeth was doing before she graduated to high school and met the rest of the teen gang from those pie movies. Check this one out for seasonal viewing....and try to keep a straight face during the infamous...bath scene.

SLASH SCENE: The bathtub scene


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