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IT'S SHOWTIME!!! Beetlejuice At Halloween Horror Nights

DAYOOOO DAYOOOO! Horror Nights just announced that this year they're adding a Beetlejuice haunt. How frickin cool is that??!! I've loved Beetlejuice since I was a kid! I can't wait to see what sort of creepy, kooky, and whimsical elements they take from the film and put into the haunt. In the trailer they show the sandworm, the almost mummified lookin people, and I can just imagine what sorta other things they'll do. The scene with the miniature village where we meet Beetlejuice? The weird western scene? The people crumbling and falling apart? The waiting room? The possibilities are endless! In the wise words of Beetlejuice himself, "let's turn on the juice, and see that shakes loose!" ~Gangis

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