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"It's about eliminating the rest of you."

If you are into fucked up movies based on childhood games, this may just be the film for you. "Would You Rather?" makes you question your decision making, as you have to ask what will the consequences be in the long term. Seven individuals put their hopes in the hands of Shepard Lambrick, a philanthropist of sorts, to award them money if they win a game at the dinner party they are invited to. As they sit down to enjoy their meal, Lambrick offers a vegetarian individual if she will eat her steak and foie gras for $10,000. Sounds easy, right? After dinner is finished though, that is when the REAL game begins...

I enjoy this film because it is more on the psychological horror spectrum. Don't worry, they didn't eliminate any bodily fluids! But unlike horrors surrounding supernatural elements, "Would You Rather?" takes a more realistic approach with a bit of masochism added to it. Shepard Lambrick definitely gets his satisfaction in others' suffering...

Another thing I enjoy about this movie is the focal point on one character/'contestant': Iris. Her life is just being shitty to her, and she has been given this opportunity to fix it. The other individuals are at the party based on the same idea, but not for the exact same reasons. Now, you will know what her exact reasoning to being at this dinner is, unlike everyone else's. But within the conversations, you will get a fraction of an idea. I believe the fraction knowledge is better, because knowing too much about too many individuals can get you (if not, just me) lost in the story as a whole.

Come to think of it, if you are pretty much a fan of any of the Jigsaw/Saw movies, you should take interest in this one. Once again though, it is more on the psychological aspect, not the gory aspect.

~ Moonie Craytor

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