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IT FOLLOWS is one of those horror films that you will love or hate it…which makes it difficult to review from a neutral standpoint. If you buy into the basis of the story, there are a few genuinely creepy moments the movie throws at you, but if you find the entire premise ridiculous then no amount of creepy or unsettling moments will work for you and the whole thing still falls apart. Basically, via the giggity cliché of intercourse, a ‘demon/creep/thing’ will inevitably stalk/attack you until you sleep with someone else ‘transferring’ this curse to them where it will pursue them and then circle backwards via some ‘hookup’ chain unless the pattern continues. It’s an interesting parable for life, education, consequences, relationships, or however you want to look at it; but the film puts a horror spin on this narrative to give some decent thrills and insight into human behavior. Sometimes those are the best horror flicks that put a spin on seemingly everyday common behavior but as stated earlier, your enjoyment of this as a ‘horror’ flick will depend on whether you buy into the premise at all. Personally, I found a few decent creepy scenes and suspense for most of the flick until we got some full blown CGI near the end to interrupt some of the tension. That being said, if you like the general idea, check this one out for a unique story. Otherwise, don’t follow it.

SLASH SCENE: The tall man arriving through the door


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