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A grocery store setting seems like it would be a perfect setup for a good ‘ol slasher film but surprisingly there aren’t too many around. In fact, it seems there are very few around. I mean, stores aren’t as big and vast as a mall with several dept stores and floors to hide in or the woods where one can get lost in a maze. But with a more contained setting and seemingly endless rows and aisles of housewares to use, someone should’ve come up with a nifty idea. (Where else could we potentially see a lettuce throwing scene?) INTRUDER is a nice little slasher from the late 80’s and pretty much uses its setting to the max. The overnight shift of workers at a big supermarket are stalked by a mystery person who is offing folks one at a time. A setting like this only works if you utilize outside trash compartments, multiple areas of the location, and so forth. Makes the area seem large enough for folks to disappear and create that paranoia feeling we all know and love in an 80s flick. Decent cast and the Raimi brothers and a young Nicotero give it additional credibility. If you like your classic mystery whodunit slasher, 80s style, intrude on this one and check it out. Should be recognized more then it is. Just don't pay attention to the poster...almost gives away the killer.

SLASH SCENE: The reveal


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