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Insomniac by Dying Oath!!

Today Virginia based Metalcore band Dying Oath released "Insomniac". Its almost 6 minutes of badass female fronted brutality, and I love it! Female fronted metal bands are already hard to come by, and quality ones even harder. This band is phenominal! I don't think I've ever heard a band that has metal growl lead vocals being done by a female, and softer backup vocals done by a guy. It's like the opposite of what's typical. It's great! I'm not sure if that's their usual setup, or if that's unique to this song, but I definitely want to hear more of it, and the two people on vocals have amazing chemistry! I also really liked how the video for this song was shot. It shows the band playing in a brightly lit white room, but features a lot of different camera angles, some distortion, and cool video effects that are well timed with the music. Dying Oath is putting out an EP later this year, and I will definitely be checking it out! Go listen to this song! ~Gangis

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