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Insane Poetry - Memories of a Lost Soul (Single Review)

Today I'm reviewing an artist I can't say enough positive things about. A true legend in this underground world. A pioneer, a wordsmith, and a brother. I introduce Insane Poetry! Soooo... I decided to pick my favorite song off his new album "Wicked Killagraphy"

A track named "Memories of a Lost Soul" ... First off this track is beyond amazing! The lyrics and song content will leave you thinking and relating to every word he speaks. I literally get goosebumps every time I play the song.. In the first verse he talks about a young girl who was sexually molested who seeks vengeance and decides to end it all in a cold lonely bathtub. The second verse he speaks about a boy who was caught up in a family of violence and drugs and having to witness a family member killed by the life he led. The chorus was captivating and absolutely mesmerizing. I get lost in the song and my feelings every time! Please do yourself a favor and check this song out!

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