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Talk about a psychological horror flick; when two sisters go through a traumatic injury as youngsters with their mother by way of a home invasion gone wrong, one of them seems to be messed up from it even later in adulthood. INCIDENT IN A GHOSTLAND shows the aftermath of the event with one of the sisters having grown up to be a successful writer and the other sister living with the mom who can’t seem to have gotten over the event. After a strange phone call one evening, the writer decides to take a trek to visit the mom and sister and see if she can help and then ominous things start happening with visuals, seemingly ghostly happenings connected to the event from earlier, and strange sounds. Without giving away the twist, once all is revealed, this one may require a double viewing to see if you can spot the clues before the big reveal. While a spooky and terrifying story on its own, it also relies on both genuine psychological and jump scares that few movies know how to combine. Though some may interpret the ending as open-ended, the flick overall does a good job of not having too many loose ends and trying to play it straight once the reveal happens. If you like the rug pulled out from underneath, check out this incident.



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