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Immortal Guardian - Psychosomatic

Progressive / power metal band Immortal Guardian dropped a new album today called "Psychosomatic". I think this album kicks ass. Definitely some of the best new power metal I've heard. I love the high pitched guitar solos, the djent rhythm guitars, the pianos, the random bits of dialogue, it's just so good! I especially liked "Clocks", because the vocals had a bit more of a rough or gritty type quality to them, so the song stood out among the others which are much higher power type vocals. The guitar solos in that song are also fantastic. "Self Isolation" despite being only a half minute long elicits such a strong emotional response that I'm sure a lot of people lately could relate to. It's so melancholy and sounds like a soundtrack to someone blankly staring at a wall. The piano solo at the beginning of "Find A Reason" is so beautiful. This album is just wonderful. I highly enjoyed it and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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