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Imminence - Temptation

Swedish post-hardcore/alternative metalcore band Imminence released a new single today titled "Temptation". This song is awesome, brutal as hell, and features.... a violin?? I was sort of surprised by that, but it actually fit the sound really well and I definitely enjoyed it a lot. The vocals are fanastic! When at a few points they reminded me of Chester Bennington, and the screams are just so raw. The heavy djenty guitar sounds are great, and pair very well with the other components of the song. The music video is absolutely insane! It's got blood, gore, branding, a crystal being shoved into someones chest, some very badass and detailed costumes, and some fantastic editing and camera work. It's kinda brutal, but very interesting and artfully done. I think this song kicks ass! ~Gangis

Photocredit: Promo image for "Temptation" by Imminence on Arising Empire records.

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