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SCREAM 2 (1997)

After the surprise mega-hit that SCREAM was, it was only obvious that they would capitalize on a sequel. SCREAM 2 came out just one year after the original and usually, when a sequel is rushed out, it suffers from the quick cash-in. However, the writer/director pairing of Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven strike gold again and actually pull off a great sequel. The events pick up after the events from the first, with both recurring and new characters in a college setting. What makes this sequel great is the meta-humor and 'horror movie' awareness that is back, but specific to the sequel rules. Also, the script does a great job by actually making some of the recurring characters suspicious throughout the movie with their discussions and actions they making it seem just because they were innocent the first time around doesn't automatically guarantee that this go 'round. Also, a huge plus for me, is the fact that events that happen from the first are discussed and characters from the first (even dead ones) are mentioned adding that layer of connectivity that so many sequels choose to ignore. While the events that unfold are new to this chapter, discussing events and names from the original are always treats for fans and Kevin Williamson knows how to add that connective tissue well. However, where this sequel falters just a bit, is when the big reveals are made one might hope that some of the characters that make it to the end had more screentime to justify their actions. That's not entirely the movie's fault though; supposedly the ending had to be rewritten when leaks happened during filming so characters and the plot twists had to be altered at the 11th hour. That being said, from a slasher standpoint this movie delivers. From a sequel standpoint, this movie definitely delivers. Knocked down a slight point just for some surprising character reveals, but given how fast this came out after the original and still managed to maintain a strong script, that can be forgiven. Check it out to see the continuing story of the Woodsboro folks...


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