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If there was ever a movie to perpetuate the 90s stoner stereotype...coupled with an underlying horror theme it’s gotta be IDLE HANDS. This is the story of a slacker and his two best friends. Really, that’s it. Anton and his pals. However, to change things up, eventually Anton finds out his hand is responsible for doing some dastardly deeds (beyond a hand doing the ‘normal’ dastardly teen thing) and not only are people being killed by a hand with a mind of its own, his own best friends get the short end of the stick and become corpses too. But for reasons unknown, even slackers can’t stay dead and his friends come back to life. Even after even chopping off his own hand to try and stop these attacks, the hand continues to wreak more havoc until a ‘priestess’ comes to town to help fight these attacks. Throw in a young Jessica Alba and you have the makings of a great comic horror film. On paper, these elements probably shouldn’t have worked. Not really much of a plot, and the idea of stoners being too lazy to do much and a hand that turns murderous from one of these folks is as ludicrous as it comes. But they pull it off and we get an entertaining flick that doesn’t pretend to be pretentious or answer illogical questions. They got a fun cast that reacts to ludicrous situations and lets the rest play out. Throw in some gore…and you even satisfy your horror fans. Besides, any flick with Offspring doing a Ramones cover gets automatic points.

SLASH SCENE: School Dance


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