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Man, Patrick Muldoon can’t catch a break…he goes from meeting giant bugs in Starship Troopers to having to ward off giant spiders in ICE SPIDERS. In this cheesy outing , we see a group of skiers at a resort having to fend off these cobbed creatures who, of course, escape from a nearby lab to wreak havoc. While there are plenty of giant bug-gone-amok flicks, we rarely get a good ol winter setting to help make the situation worse for those involved. In fact, one could argue this is a teensy bit of a spiritual successor to the 80s classic The terms of a seemingly isolated location (though the comparison stops there). The tone on this one plays it relatively straight for a made-for-tv movie and the effects are as cheesy and CGI-ific as you would expect. Not the best, but enough to entertain someone looking for a couple thrills. This one has the usual tropes…giant webs, carnage, screaming civilians…but what differentiates it is the conclusion as to how the powers-that-be want to deal with the consequences. Probably not too far off how the higher-ups would deal with something like this in real life. For this alone, and the hokey effects, it’s worth one watch on a cold afternoon.

SLASH SCENE: Lab breakout!


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