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90s horror is sometimes referred to as the teen horror renaissance as we saw a plethora of teen fare horror flicks hit the theatres. Both an original offering AND it’s sequel came out at that time and the sequel seemed to get lost in the shuffle of all the other flicks being churned out. I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER picks up with the surviving friends from the first one seemingly winning a trip abroad where they pack their bags only to find mayhem and madness following them. Like most sequels, a lot of the mystery is gone from the first as we are familiar with the surviving characters so we know, for the most part, who is and isn’t playing the baddie. Not that characters can’t switch sides or have a hidden past, but compared to the first one, this outing seems to just go through the motions until we solve the mystery of what’s going on at the conclusion. Is the fisherman from the first one really back? Is it someone else in disguise? Who’s pulling the strings? While the mystery does keep you somewhat entertained, the tension isn’t quite there from the original and ultimately the whole thing feels a bit flatter. Still not bad 90s fare, but not the best one out there either. If you enjoyed the first, check this out to see how the story ends. Otherwise, watch Urban Legend (see review here) again.

SLASH SCENE: Jeffrey Combs


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