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Oh, the almost-height of the teen late 90s horror craze...I say almost-height because if I had to choose a year, I would choose 1998 as the pinnacle. Look how many films came out that year alone. Not that '97 was too shabby on its own but the sheer quantity of notable hits wasn't quite there yet. As it is though, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER capitalized on the post 'Scream' mania by incorporating that same damn poster template we're all familiar with, as well as a whodunit type flick of someone going around being that crazy slasher. When a group of teens are driving around, after/during drinking no less, and seem to hit someone in the road, they attempt to cover it up by disposing the body...even up until the last minute when they are about to roll the body into the ocean and this mystery person regains consciousness for a split second before rolling him overboard. A year later after a vow of silence from each other, mysterious notes are sent, dead bodies pop up, people are being stalked, and so forth. We get a few red herrings to distract from what's really going on before the mystery is all but solved and it's a decently entertaining ride along the way. For a horror like this, I feel you have to like the cast somewhat in order to make it work. If you can't stand Prinze Jr, and/or find Buffy intolerable than the whole movie seems laughable. If you can suspend disbelief enough along with the cast to find out what is really going on then it's an entertaining attempt during this 90s teen era. Something to be said of the mystery approach those flicks all tried to do which made first viewings engaging. Now that summer is officially here, go back and remember what you did.

SLASH SCENE: Johnny Galecki!


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