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With a name like HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, produced by Roger Corman no less, you know you are in for a brainless, entertaining, schlocky entertainment of an evening. And not to its detriment...we get something of a plot revolving around fishing vessels exploding in an opening act, dead dogs, corporation fighting, and of course the vicious humanoids as they are called. If you ever wondered what it looked like to have a humanoid prey on innocent bystanders...Corman pulls no punches. Kudos to the actresses for playing it straight. At times this plays like a parody of 50s sc-fi, other times it plays like a good ol fashioned horror romp; mix those two things together and you get an idea of what to expect for this ride. Also, anything with the underrated Vic Morrow is worth a sight right there. Judging by the title alone, you should know what to expect from this one...and it doesn't disappoint. Watch the Joe Bob Briggs version on The Last Drive-In if you can.

SLASH SCENE: Any Humanoid scene


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