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Humanity's Last Breath - Tide

I walked into this song without having any idea what to expect, and I'm completely blown away. This song is incredible! It comes from Swedish band Humanity's Last Breath, and it's on their new album "Valde" coming out on February 12th. At the beginning of the song, I thought it was just some death metal with some djent type sounds. But oh boy was I wrong. It has so much more than that.We get some epic sounding orchestral sounds, and then not long later, we get some clean vocals, which were not only unexpected, but also incredibly beautiful. Their singer's voice is absolutely wonderful and versatile. While I love the whole song, the part with the clean vocals is definitely my favorite part. It's such a complete and powerful sound. This song is absolutely incredible. I'm really looking forward to the album when it comes out. If the rest of it is anything like this single, it's going to be an amazing experience to listen to. ~Gangis

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