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Human Skull Cereal Bowl

Bad Taste......a movie that resonates with any extreme lover of 80's cult films. Directed and created by the brilliant mind of Peter Jackson ( Dead Alive, Lord of The Rings ) is an amazing splatter fest from beginning to end. The plot is intact unlike some cult films where the whole basis is really is nothing more but shock and awe, there's a good story, wacky characters, and unforgettable scenes kinda like the one that inspired the title of this review. There are intense moments of gore and blood, and no one is safe, not even the animals! An exploding sheep and squashed birds are thrown into the mix! Aliens playing with their own intestines to eating their own vomit, it definitely pushed the brink of gore for the time of its release. Of course Peter Jackson out beat him self in later films like Dead Alive. This film also became a series with two more films to follow. If you enjoy a great cult flick like i do, do not pass this one up!

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