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After the original invisible man, we got the HOLLOW MAN. Kevin Bacon plays a scientist studying the effects of an invisibility potion on animals. They seem to have had mixed results until they actually bring an ‘invisible’ animal back to ‘full’ visibility. However, the egomaniac he is, he decides to then test on himself, without telling his superiors, and then it hits the fan when the team isn’t able to bring him back. Compared to the old ‘invisible man’ tropes of the classics, this was a creative spin on the genre. The longer he stays invisible, we see him driven more crazy and then the ‘fun’ begins when people are taken out, showers are watched, and the manipulation of events occur that only could if someone can act unseen. The reason this all gels though is it takes a far-fetched situation and studies what happens if someone is driven crazy and eventually doesn’t want to return to current state. Mix in the gool ‘ol fashion love triangle into the mix, and that will make a person go that much more insane. Add in some great effects, gore, suspenseful scenes, and Thanos hooking up with LaRusso’s girlfriend, and you have yourself a spiffy horror thriller. The team of scientists are diverse enough from one another and the Baconator gets enough clever lines. Hollow-er movies have been made…this one isn’t at all.

SLASH SCENE: The serum transformation


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