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Hiraes - Under Fire

Female fronted melodic death metal group Hiraes dropped a new single this morning titled "Under Fire" off of their upcoming "Solitary" that's being released on June 26th. This song is great! Their singer has a fantastic growling voice! You don't see a lot of female vocalists who sing like this, and she absolutely kicks ass! The guitars have a very classic heavy metal type sound, especially evident in the solo. I love how quiet and subtle the stringed instrumental sounds are. Unless you crank it, which is honestly the only way to listen to this song, you might not even hear them. I love the ending of the song, it's got a beautiful softly played piano part, which is absolutely wonderful. The music video is fantastic. They've got a lot of cool stage effects including some wild pyrotechnics, the likes of which would even make Rammstein approve. I enjoyed this so much. I am definitely looking forward to the album, and recommend checking this out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the music video for "Under Fire" by Hiraes on Napalm Records.

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