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High End Glass..Lives up to the name.

We recently visited High End Glass in South Sioux City, Nebraska a few weeks ago while doing a photo shoot in which they ended up sponsoring. Once we got to the shop and got in, it was like a smokers wet dream. First off i wanna start off by how incredibly clean and beautiful this shop is. Most smoke shops are very cluttered, unorganized and not in the cleanest of conditions. This place is remarkable, not to mention everything is very beautifully displayed and very easy to find. The amount of choices in glassware is top notch and pretty much fit in with anyones budget. You can go for real expensive or easier on the wallet and still get something that's going to suit your taste and that you will be happy with. That's not all, they have tons of choices in cbd products such as flower, vape pens, edibles and much more! If you are in the area please do yourself a huge favor, stop buy, buy some stuff, and let them know scoops and mischief sent ya! You will not leave disappointed


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