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Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

I just checked out the third installment of the Hellraiser franchise. This one was a bit different than the first two. The kills were more interesting and unique, the resulting cenobites were as well, the soundtrack featured some great rock tunes, and it very different storyline. I especially loved the DJ Cenobite, and the camera Cenobite, I thought they were really entertaining and had some witty scenes. The statue tower that Pinhead was trapped in is great. One thing I really liked though is that while the first two movies were very much a good vs evil type story, this one is basically saying that there is good and evil inside all of us, and we need both because one can't exist without the other. I feel like this is what the splitting and re-joining of Pinhead's two personalities was trying to tell us. The only big issue I had with this movie is that I felt like Joey, the heroine, was kind of an idiot. She kept stopping and trying to save the innocent bystanders that were definitely doomed. I get that it helped show that she was a good person and all, and it was a great excuse for the Cenobites to get more screen time, but it made her come off as sort of stupid. But maybe I've just seen too many horror movies haha. I really like how the movie ended, it left potential for an interesting sequel. ~Gangis

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