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Been a bit since we’ve gone retro, so gotta give a review to one of our iconic horror peeps Pinhead. Instead of starting with the original, thought it would be fun to give some life to one of the later entries. HELLRAISER 3: HELL ON EARTH, is the entry that comes after the one-two punch of Hellraiser 1 &2: two movies that could almost be looked at as one long narrative. The first sequel picked up right where the original left off and seemed to tidy things up in a nice bow. This new outing has a new lead girl, with only a cameo by the original Kirsty. Though this one sets up a new narrative with new characters, in some ways it does continue the arc left from over from the earlier ones. This outing gets a lot of flack for seemingly turning Pinhead into a Friday the 13th clone with him going on a rampage and throwing the ‘rules’ out the window, but the carryover arc from Part 2 allows this. The revelation of seeing his former human self caused Pinhead to split away from any facet of being human. This allowed newly trapped Pinhead to not have any former ‘rules’ of the Cenobites which allowed him to run amok. We get the flashbacks of human Pinhead and the cause of what happened at the end of part 2, setting up this new challenge for our new hero to deal with. While the new Cenobites are a bit hokey, (but who doesn’t love CD-Cenobite), it still allows for some fun. If you’re a fan of the first two…check this out for another entry in the original quadrilogy. Deserves more credit than it gets.

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