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Hellraiser (1987)

I realized that I haven't seen the Hellraiser series, so I decided it was about time. I remember seeing the first one a loooooong time ago, and don't remember it super well, so I'm starting at the beginning. What I do remember is what a powerful presence Doug Bradley has as Pinhead, and how creepy the other cenobites are. The practical effects and everything in this film are absolutely fantastic. That scene near the beginning with the cenobites in that room full of the clanging chains and meathooks and bits of flesh is just so creepy and does such a good job starting off the movie right after that guy gets ripped apart. The scene with the rattling floor boards and Frank coming back is so gross and ooey gooey and well done. The part where the girl is in the hospital messing with the box and the wall opens up, and then she's chased by that horrible pink fleshy creature. Then the tiles on the wall glow and smoke before she's tormented by the cenobites. All of this was done with practical effects, and done so incredibly well. I honestly really miss those days before everything was done with CGI. That stuff aside, this movie has just such a unique storyline, and is so wonderfully made. Each of the cenobites is just so terrifying, especially Butterball and Chatterer. They send chills down my spine. I look forward to whatever the sequels bring. ~Gangis

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