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Hellhookah - Greed and Power

Just checked out doom metal band Hellhookah's song "Greed and Power" off their album "The Curse" that came out earlier this year. It's super badass! First of all, I can't believer there's only two members in the band! They have such a full and complete sound and it's very impressive for two people to manage that. The riffs are very catchy with a nice touch of distortion throughout, the drums and vocals are great, and I really have nothing bad to say. The video features a lot of cool shots of them playing with interesting filters on them, cut with footage of explosions and the aftermath, which I really like. Their singer looks kind of like a young Ozzy, but I digress.I've gotten a lot more into doom metal as of late, and definitely recommend this one. Go check it out! ~Gangis

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