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Hellbound : Hellraiser II

After re-watching the first Hellraiser a couple months ago, tonight I decided to give part two a go. Holy shit!!!! It was almost even better than part one!!! Right from the beginning, it's chock full of Cenobytic action and mayhem. It shows the origin of Pinhead, and what happens to Kirsty right after the end of the first movie, which I really thought was a fantastic plot. Kirsty through some fuckery makes her way to Hell to try to rescue her father who she thinks has been contacting her, with the help of a girl from the insane asylum she was put in. I won't give away any of the twists or anything, but both of those characters are smart as hell. The doctor Cenobite has a horrible pun every time he opens his mouth, which gets kind of old, but other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this movie. It has even more gore and nastiness than the first film, and all of it incredibly well done, once again with all practical effects. The Leviathan is absolutely insane! I just can't get over how well this movie was made, how believable and well played the characters are, and I love that the Cenobites maybe have a little bit of a heart. I just adore them, they're such cool demons. It's so good. I love it! I'm definitely looking forward to part three. ~Gangis

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