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Hell Fest (2018)

Been awhile since I did a horror movie review, so I decided today to check out the 2018 film "Hell Fest". The beginning of this felt felt like I was watching a haunted house walkthrough, which was really cool. I've watched tons of those, so I can honestly say that they mimicked it perfectly. All the characters were really well developed and believable, especially the main friend group. We had a normal group of inebriated college kids, the smart one, the bitchy one, the scaredy cat one, and the horny boys who just want the girls. The killer was also really well portrayed, I was always one step ahead of him and the girls, but, I also have seen many a horror film. I think he was incredibly smart, and I definitely did not expect what he does at the end of the film, but it was a fantastic ending. I won't spoil it, but, I'm glad it was left open enough for a potential sequel to happen. I also love that we didn't actually see his face at any point. All the kill scenes were very well done and bloody. We briefly got Tony Todd, which was great, he's who I really like, and that role was great. I did have a couple issues with the storyline though. For example, in a real haunt, the actors tend to pretty much stick to their areas. They would immediately notice an actual dead body or a blood stain or something that hadn't previously been there. I feel like that was something that would in real life have caused the entire thing to be shut down pretty early on. I also feel like that although the security guard they spoke to a few times was convincing, he also didn't do his job that well, since they had reported the photographs being stolen earlier in the night. That should have been proof that something was actually going on. Other than that though, I thought this movie was super badass, I loved the scene in the ride that led to Hell. The whole haunt felt very real, and they definitely did their research and made it very accurate. I love this movie. It's definitely worth watching at least two or three times. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Poster art for "Hell Fest" released on Lion's Gate Entertainment.

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