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Hear Me Cry!!!

A few days ago, our friend Raven Black released "Hear Me Cry", another single off their album "The Key" that comes out this October. Wow! This song is just so raw and emotional and powerful! It starts off in a very mellow melancholy way with soft vocals, something I didn't expect coming from Raven. But it is absolutely beautiful! It soon gets heavy, and more like what I'm used to for their music. The repeated line "hear me cry" being screamed in the background is so haunting and clearly full of anguish. The whole song is about struggling with suicide and mental health, which seeming to be a trend for this album, on the other songs they've released from it. I'm really excited to see how the album will be put together, with this song starting soft but "In the Darkest Pit" being so much heavier, I'm sure that it'll keep me on my toes, just waiting to hear what comes next. ~Gangis

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