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In the mood for a nice little horror game? HAUNTING STARRING POLTERGUY is a unique little gem that has you controlling a deceased teen…who was unfortunately killed in an accident caused by, what else? A malfunctioning skateboard (all this is in the backstory, we don’t actually play this out). To get revenge on the family who runs the company, Polterguy ‘haunts’ a set of houses in order to run the family out. Each room in each house has several objects that can come to life and do unique scares to the family, since he is invisible and can't be seen by the family. As you play on, you have a ‘slime meter’ and each time you run a family member out of the room, you get extra slime to fill up. Should you dip to zero, you have to go to a ‘dungeon level to replenish where you have to avoid objects or else you may lose a life altogether. As far as scaring the family goes, you have the parents, and their two kids. Scare each of them enough times with the everyday objects and they will eventually leave the house. Once all 4 members leave the house, you win that level and proceed to the next house. It’s fun to see all the different possibilities of each room and how they can come to life, but after a bit it can get a tad mundane. Definitely worth playing a few to see all the tricks up its sleeve; it’ll keep you busy for a winter weekend.


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