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When trying to reinvoragate a franchise has long been dormant, with a couple remakes that’s seen mixed reviews, what do you do? Especially when the last official outing was less then stellar? One way to is to retcon several sequels and make a ‘new’ sequel to the original with the original star. HALLOWEEN acts as a direct sequel to the original while ignoring the rest, thus able to bring in the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise Laurie Strode. This has been a somewhat new trend for some franchises and it works greatly in this one’s favor; as we get to ponder and see what The Shape has been up to for the last 40 years and what he does once he gets on his own again. Like any good sequel, we good throwbacks and references to some of the original folks from way back when, as well as a little bit of retro footage. Curtis is actually in it more then you might think; definitely not just a cameo for marketing purposes. She actually is an integral part (here’s hoping the up and coming new Ghostbusters does the same thing with the OGs). While the story does revolve around her new family as well as some youngsters, kudos for the script for actually keeping some twists and turns in who makes it and who doesn’t. In this one, pretty much no one is safe and nice to see some good ‘ol bloody stabbings to go with it. If you need a fresh take on this timely franchise, this is the one to get caught up on.

SLASH SCENE: Doctor Scene


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