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Halloween (2007)

Welllll…if you try to remake an iconic movie like HALLOWEEN…, it’s probably best if you try to have at least some differences to the original. When the OG pumpkin flick is considered one of the best holiday films of all time, you better be able to justify a remake’s existence. Mr. Rob Zombie himself, who’s coming along quite nicely as a filmmaker, decides to show us some backstory to how the deranged and feared Michael becomes the villain we all know and love him to be. We get introduced to his family in all its trashy, crude, and crazy glory. This is a nice change of pace from most horror flicks where the family is ‘normal’ and they produce some crazy offspring. Instead, we get some crazy relatives that lead us to the grown up Mr. Myers who will become the iconic slasher. And this version uses the hulking, towering, Tyler Mane, original Sabretooth from X1, as Myers who is as intimidating as he is tall. Once we get past the new family dynamics, we do hit similar beats from the original but it’s updated with some nice modern characters and modern imagery. If you’re a fan of the original, (I mean…is anybody not?), then at least check this one out to see what Mr. Zombie had up his sleeve to introduce Michael to a new generation. This def aint your 70s version.



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