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Hallowed Be Thy Name (2020)

I checked out the film from this year "Hallowed Be Thy Name", and I thought it had a great premise, but kind of a poor execution. Basically, there's this cave where people leave objects as offerings and make a wish hoping it will be granted. If you take things that people have left, then you anger a demon/devil/thing which comes for you and tortures and kills you. Cool, right? But, there were some parts of this film that lacked a lot. The first thing is, why the hell is the title "Hallowed Be Thy Name" when the god squad was only present in like the last 20 minutes of the film? They could've come up with a much cooler title. Secondly, there was like, a little too much of the teen drama. The main girl was such a bitchy drama queen, and it was honestly pretty annoying. Also, other than the psychic lady, I felt like everyone was poor actors. There was hardly any emotion in anything they said, and it felt like they were reading off their scripts. Otherwise though, it wasn't a bad movie and had some cool special effects. It's worth a watch. ~Gangis

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