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Hail To The King Baby

Evil Dead. That one title to so many is king, god, guru, and every other cream of the crop title you could give it within the cult classic horror genre, hell even just all horror in general. Sam Raimi just may have created the greatest and most beloved cult horror film ever made. Also single handily giving birth to one of the most recognizable and loved horror icons in the business in Bruce Campbell. You really do not need any type of introduction, but this film was b rated gold. From amazing practical effects, gory clay animation that was beyond its time, iconic one liners, scenes that you out, made you uncomfortable, and other wise gave children and adults alike extreme nightmares Evil Dead truly is king. Even put up against Peter Jacksons cult films such as Dead Alive and Bad Taste, even though amazing films, did not do what Evil Dead has done for the genre. Even prompting a remake that is still one of the best horror remakes ever created. Not sure what devil Mr. Raimi made to come up with this golden egg but he struck a major deal. There is not one thing you could have done to make Evil Dead or its main hero Ash any better. Sometimes i feel like Ash is the Deadpool of the horror genre with the attitude and one liners, just without the mutant capabilities, which being immortal could have come in handy lol. The character was perfect, and the movie itself was b rated low budget perfection.

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