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Guitar playing zombies and human jerky!

This is another one of those wal mart gems i found years ago. Of course i had no clue that this film was originated from a comic book. That i discovered way later. Anyways i went through a huge addiction of going to wal mart every week when new movies came out each week and this one happen to be one of those. At first glance i was thinking it was going to be terrible, i really had no hope fot it. But once i watched it, i got addicted. Loved the wacky story line, you could definitely tell it was a comic book adaptation which i loved. Plenty of gore, fucking fantastic dark comedy bits, i mean it really has everything you could want in a film of this caliber. If you love stuff along the lines of evil dead trilogy, dead alive, the re animator, films of that nature, you will fall in love with this one! I'm a huge fan for life!

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