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Ohhhh Jack him or hate him...if someone would have mentioned back in the Saving Silverman schmuck portraying days, that he would be playing esteemed writer R.L. Stine in a live-action adaptation of the GOOSEBUMPS books, they'd be called insane. As it is, he's come a long way and actually does a decent job. When you make an adaptation of a series of books for the big screen, the issue always is, 'do you make a longer version of one of the books? Make 4 separate stories (Twilight Zone: The Movie?)..or do you do something different such as have all the famous characters come to life and run amok? Probably the best choice they could have done, they chose #3. Instead of focusing on re-doing some of the previously told stories, and more than likely have it pale in comparison, they took new human characters who need Stine's help after his famous literary creations are unleashed into the real world. Part Jumanji, part comedy, but creative nonetheless. If you're a fan of the series, you'll prob like this outing. Slappy for the scene-stealing win.



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