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Korean horror has picked up some additional popularity in recent years...with hits such as Oldboy, Train to Busan, and The Wailing finding its place among faves. GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM is a Korean found footage flick that doesn't try to invent the most creative story, but it pulls off a good execution in a familiar setting. When a group of folks want to investigate a supposed haunted abandoned asylum with a creepy backstory, with folks who have previously disappeared and stories of ghosts, its only a matter of time before the mayhem starts. The group of determined friends and new recruits want to film some footage for their YouTube channel for views. Found footage flicks are plentiful but the ones that do it right rely on just the right amount of subtlety and atmosphere instead of all-out extreme CGI and unrealism. This one does the inventive backstory just right with some atmospheric moments thrown in. Some may argue that when the balls out action gets going, it may tow the line of disbelief suspension but the road is worth going in the end. Luckily, they were strategic in doing going too over the top. An asylum itself is creepy enough as is. If you like your found footage, check into this place for a night. And if you can figure out what the 'thing' or 'person' Charlotte encounters, let me know.



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