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It’s only inevitable that we keep getting famous icons rebooted for the modern age. After a promised sequel that never came after almost two decades, (and it’s probably for the better), we got a new entry that promised to jumpstart a whole new monsterverse. GODZILLA was the modern day take ona 60+ year old franchise. Promised to be darker and more serious in tone than the ill-received 90s version, this entry does deliver in most ways. What’s neat about this entry is it’s not just a retread of the earlier origin films; we actually have other monsters, Mutos, wreaking havoc on the city and the Big G himself is seen as more of an antihero in that they need him to stop destruction not caused by him for once. It’s a different take and mostly works…except the main lizard doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as you would probably like and the camera doesn’t linger on some of the fights as much as you’d want. When he is onscreen though, the movie is exciting, and makes you want to see more of what this monsterverse might have in store. A way better effort than the previous reboot, this one tries to set the stage for the few films that come after. We’ll probably get another origin reboot sometime down the line, but this one has its moments until that happens. Additional half point subtracted for killing off the best cast member too soon...

SLASH SCENE: Beam down the mouth!


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