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Oooh…has there been a bigger waste of potential then 1998’s GODZILLA? After a huge blockbuster involving the White House and beings from outer space, the same creative team tried to take on the Big G himself. The marketing campaign for this was huge…way before social media…way before movie sites being what they are today…we would get teasers months in advance of a giant ‘something’ coming out of the ocean and wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, the actual effort couldn’t live up to what they did with it. We get Ferris Bueller in a charmless role…with one of the most ridiculous names, two Simpsons cast members, and a whole lot of mayhem. The whole thing just feels flat...considering it’s a giant monster movie. Along the way we get subplots of career aspirations, nest eggs, and annoying supporting characters. ID4 worked a couple years previously because they had the right balance of humor. This one just feels dopey in comparison when trying to aim for laughs. You can get away with a lot more when you have the right people, but it just seems like the chemistry isn’t there among any of the human characters. Yes, we really only care about monsters, monsters, and more monsters in a Godzilla flick, but it does help when you have relatable people on screen. As it is, the script could’ve used some more polish and the design of the beast leaves much to be desired. Though grossing a decent amount in theatres…it’s no surprise we never got a true sequel to this outing.

SLASH SCENE: Attack in the water


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