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God of Sick Dreams by Avatar

Last week Avatar dropped the second single from their new "Hunter Gatherer" album that comes out in August. "God of Sick Dreams" is following the more heavy, more dark tone set by the song "Silence in the Age of Apes" which was released last month. I'm loving this more brutal sound that they've developed, which in a way is returning to their roots. When they first started they were a lot heavier than the "Welcome to Avatar Country" era. Seems like I'm not alone in enjoying it, as the band appears to be becoming increasingly popular among metal listeners. When I first started listening to them a few years ago, not very many people were familiar with them, but now they are definitely more widely known. I'm getting more excited for the "Hunter Gatherer" album, and absolutely can not wait for it to come out. Anyone else as excited as I am? ~Gangis

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