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God is an Astronaut - Burial

Irish post-rock band God is an Astronaut just released an instrumental track "Burial" off their new album "Ghost Tapes #10" that's set to come out next year. It's hard for a six minute instrumental piece to keep my attention, but this one is phenomenal! I really enjoyed it. It's got a lot of interesting elements to it. It starts off pretty soft and almost like the intro to a hiphop piece, but becomes this sorta spooky outer spacey goth rock sounding piece which then morphs into something equally as strange but heavy. I think it's really unique and I really like it. The video is pretty neat too, it's all in black and white and was made to look like old film. It's got wilting flowers, grieving people, forest scenes, and I don't know what else. It was filmed in a way that's rather abstract and artsy and sometimes you don't even know what you're looking at. I think it fit the music really well and was really interesting. I definitely recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

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