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A good werewolf movie seems to be few and far between; there may have been a couple decent ‘teen horror’ werewolf flicks that came out of the late 90s/early oughts craze but most probably can’t think of some of the top of their head. One flick that came out of the time period of all those teen flicks but is definitely far more dramatic and tonally different is GINGER SNAPS. It concerns two sisters obsessed with death, the macabre, and pacts to live or die together. When one of them is attacked and bitten by some creature, she starts to change physically, develops an appetite for flesh, and this is all concurrent with her starting transition into puberty. While the characters suspect there is something ‘lycanthrope’ going on, this film also delves into feminism, coming-of-age, and other metaphors sprinkled throughout. Lycanthrope horror meets body horror meets teenage angst. While definitely not a cheery tone or a typical teen horror flick, if you like your thematic elements and some eccentric characters, this one may have some bite. May need some perky music after to get the mood going again.



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