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When there’s something strange, there’s only one group to call…and that’s the OG Ghostbusters! In GHOSTBUSTERS II, we pick up 5 years after classic Stay Puft rained down on the city and ironically put the GBs out of business. Spooky stuff starts happening again and the foursome, now doing other odd jobs to make a living, have to band back together to see the what and why’s of the happenings. The main baddie here is Vigo (currently in painting form), who was alive several centuries ago and wants to come back to life and needs a child “so that I might live again.” We get all the famous folks back, Rick, Sigourney, and a weirdly hilarious Peter MacNicol as the new lackey. It’s no secret that many people don’t think this is as good as the original and it probably shouldn’t be rated the same but it’s still way better than some of the toughest critics make it out to be. Sure, the tone is a little more ‘kid-friendly’ then the first outing, but there’s still enough moments and lines that’s just as quotable as the original. The slinkie, courthouse scene with Venkman and Louis on the stand, ghost Janosz, underground tunnel ghosts; still enough great things to cement this sequel as a classic. While nothing can beat the original, this is still better than most give it credit for. And who doesn’t love some Bobby Brown tunes?

SLASH SCENE: Statue of Liberty


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