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Well it finally happened; we got a proper Ghostbusters 3..sort of. While this isn’t the movie everyone ideally wants, it’s a decent continuation of the OG franchise that we probably never thought we’d see with the passing of Mr. Egon himself. This story outs with a family moving from the city to the middle of some country small-town place to inherit an old farmhouse after the death of the mom’s father. It’s eventually revealed who he is, and what the connection is, and we now have young GB’s-in-training trying to determine what the upcoming threat is while we have the grown-ups Paul Rudd and the mother doing their best to salvage the situation. While the movie has a lot of heart, one thing they could have done better is weave the OG stars through the story more rather than just have them show up when they do. We know we will eventually see them, so hardcore fans may just be waiting and waiting so when the moment does happen, it’s less of a surprise and more of a ‘finally, they are here.’ Also, the tone is more Stranger Things, then flat-out comedy or horror; though it does have moments of both. Perhaps the Force Awakens approach should have been done where you have Ray or Winston be a main part of the story when they appear halfway through, and then Venkman shows up at the end, something like that. All in all, it’s a decent tribute to one of the stars who is no longer with us and expands the storyline and lore for the newbies, though one wishes the OG’s played a more integral role. That being said, it’s what we should have gotten back in 2016.

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