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Though sequels tend to be a mixed bag, there are always those that has a reputation for being mediocre but only gains additional love throughout the years. Hence the case with GHOSTBUSTERS 2. Is it as timeless as the original? Probably not. Does it still have enough iconic moments people remember and enough lines that are memorable? Absolutely. We pick up with the crew 5 years later and they have been run out of business by the city who blamed them for the Gozerian and marshmallow disaster that happened previously. Of course things start to happen after discovering a river of slime under the city and the GB crew has to band back together to prevent a certain Carpathian from taking over the world, or at least city. To start with, it would be impossible for any film to live up to the original’s tone, chemistry, and scenes. Sure, this one is a bit more light-hearted with more colors and looks taken from the 80s cartoon. But we still have the hilarious court room scene, Louis, Venkman’s psychic show, and all the original players. Murray may seem to be phoning it in and the statue of liberty can’t measure up to the glorious Stay-Puft, but considering we never got a trilogy with everyone when they were still around, can’t beat the one-two punch of the first one and sequel. While it might be fair to say this isn't on the same level, it still deserves much more accolades then it gets for representing a time in 80s history that will rarely, if ever, be seen again.



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