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Ghost - Hunter's Moon (Single Review)

After a series of cryptic live feeds on YouTube, Swedish rock band Ghost is back with a fantastic single titled "Harvest Moon" that's going to be on the soundtrack of Halloween Kills. I absolutely love it! It starts off very soft and ominous with a heavy bassline, and the whole song gets pretty rockin'. It includes some awesome sounds like church bells, piano, some great synth work, and all the other elements that we expect from them, but at a whole new level. The lyrics are wonderful! They are definitely about Michael Myers, but in a sort of cryptic way that could be easily missed if you didn't know it was on the Halloween Kills soundtrack. I'm totally in love with this song. It's absolutely amazing. After their cover of "Enter Sandman" and now this, I can honestly say that Ghost is back with some wonderful things coming and their upcoming tour is going to be killer. Looking forward to it immensely. ~Gangis

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