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Ghost - Enter Sandman (Metallica cover review)

Today Metallica dropped their heavily anticipated "Blacklist" album, which was assorted artists covering the songs from "The Black Album". While there was a few tracks on there I was excited for, Ghost was definitely the one I was most looking forward to. And it certainly didn't disappoint. Instead of starting off with the heavy riffs I expect, we get a very softly done piano line and Papa's haunting crooning vocals. We get that for an entire minute before the guitars kicked in. I thought that was not only beautiful, but a great twist to take on this classic song. The rest of the song is a bit more heavy, and the way it's done gives me vibes of "Rats" and "Cirice". This is without a doubt the best Metallica cover I've ever heard. After hearing so many inconclusive rumors about their next album and having waited so long to hear new music from Ghost, this was a fantastic thing to get. I enjoyed this immensely. ~Gangis

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