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Some of the best horror in the genre come from the 'king' himself, Stephen King. GERALD'S GAME might have been of his lesser known efforts before being made into a movie concerning a couple who decide on a romantic getaway, to indulge in some dangerous gameplay involving handcuffs. Every worst fear comes to fruition when after the wife is chained to a bed during one of these intimate games, her husband dies of a heart attack and she is left to fend for herself. Surviving impending dog attacks, paranoia, hallucinations, and a is-he-or-isn't he-there creepy guy who seems to emerge from the shadows every now and then. The whole flick rests on Gugino's performance and she does a terrific job. While it may seem like this sort of plot would get old fast, there are enough tricks and twists and turns to turn this into a full blown psychological thriller. If you're looking for something similar to an old school slasher, look elsewhere. If you're looking for something new for a great psychological thriller, try this game.

SLASH SCENE: The creepy tall guy


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